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The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 19A
Jack has been waiting. He’s hoping to hear a certain familiar sound. He knows it so well, and sometimes he gets tired of hearing it. But this time, he needs to hear it right now.
The notification sound of his phone suddenly broke the morning silence and his eyes shot open. Jack scrambled to his phone and his face fell in disappointment, it is not the message he wanted to see.
Pewdiepie: Hey bro!
Jacksepticeye: Mornin’…
Pewdiepie: What? Looks like you’re disappointed?
Jacksepticeye: I’m not gonna lie. I definitely am.
Pewdiepie: I’m offended, bro. The fabulous Felix texts you and you’re disappointed?
Jack rolled his eyes and sighed. This was not the conversation he wanted to have nor is this the right person he wanted to talk to.
Jacksepticeye: What do you want, Felix?
Pewdiepie: Aw…let me guess. The dork didn’t discuss with you the details of your date.
Jacksepticeye: It’s not a date.
Pewdiepie: Yeah, and I
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threatening intensifies by Kannibalismus threatening intensifies :iconkannibalismus:Kannibalismus 338 25 mmmkay by Kannibalismus mmmkay :iconkannibalismus:Kannibalismus 192 10 DarkxAnti by LoverRevolveri
Mature content
DarkxAnti :iconloverrevolveri:LoverRevolveri 140 24
''Smile!'' [In A Heartbeat] by MariaMediaHere ''Smile!'' [In A Heartbeat] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 741 43 The Puppet by Cosmicchara The Puppet :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 453 38
Anti Just Wanted Attention
“See you soon.” Anti ended the recording with a smirk. He then sighed, his face falling into a frown. “Schneeple!” He shouted.
The doctor sitting behind him groaned. “Vat, you stupid demon? You took over my video as you liked! Are you happy now?!”
“You shouldn’t have this many cameos in Jack’s channel in the first place!” The demon started glitching.
“Vat ze fuck are you talking about?! Anyzing medical related is my turn for a guest appearance!” The doctor rubbed his temples. “I vas trying to save Jack in ze game and you have to go ruin everyzing!”
“You are not supposed to have more appearances than me!” Anti pointed at himself with his thumb hard. “I was made first! I was thought up first! I am your superior! You are taking the spotlight away from me!”
“Yes yes yes, vhatever, you pissy little demon!” The doctor rolled his eyes. “Lie to ze audience! I’m su
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I Waited For You All My Life - Dark + Jack
He’s exhausted.
As he drags himself through the streets, thoughts flurry through his head without a care in the world. His cold, calm and collected stance and one track mind falter and he stumbles repeatedly.
He’s late. By this point, he’s late by a couple years but it’s the right time of day. The right hour, the right minute, the right second and he can only hope that maybe a fracture of his promise isn’t broken. With dark skies above him, threatening to rain any minute, he trundles on towards the house he’s tried so hard to stay away from.
He hopes for just a splinter, a tiny bit of hope that when he knocks on that door he won’t be shouted out or turned away. Of course, he knows he deserves it but he heavily doubts that he has the energy for such disappointment.
So he hopes.
With a feeble fist, he knocks on the door that he knew well a long time ago. The number is still wonky and the letter box still rusts on the bottom, but the person
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Shattered Glass - Septiplier
Everyone's been cut by glass at least once, right?
The feeling of your own skin being sliced so thinly by something so fragile. The harsh shock as the cool ice causes such a large amount of pain even if the size was miniature. 
Jack was feeling that right now, but at a much larger scale. The pain was almost unbearable. He opened his eyes to check he wasn't lying on a bed of nails. He couldn't move, not even to turn his head. But he would fine, he knew he would because the last time he was conscious Mark was next to him. 
Jack was determined that his boyfriend would save him, of course he would. Slowly, Jack started to remember how he came into this agonizing position.
"Jack, did you lock the back door?" Mark wondered as the pair walked away from the house.
"No, shit. Do I really have to go all the way back and lock it? It's so farrrrrrrrrrr!" Jack moaned.
"Do you really want your shit nicked?" Mark mocked, physically stopping the man n
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Almost Too Late - Septiplier
Retracting his foot back to the edge of the building, Mark turned around.
"Mark, listen to me. Tell me right now, the reason why for god's sake you are stood on the edge of a roof."
Surrounded by suburban rooftops, the pair were stood on top of one of the highest buildings that Mark could find. The city enclosed it for miles, as well as a thick fog that weaved it's way through the buildings below them. The morning sky was a faint blue with splashes of orange towards the horizon. Mark couldn't have picked a clearer day to end it all.
"Because next week is my 25th birthday and no one has my name on the inside of their left wrist. Therefore, the day after my birthday I am to be executed for not being suitable enough to have a partner."
"Mark, you still have a whole week! What if someone does have your name and they just haven't found you yet? What if someone does have your name and they just don't want to admit that their sexuality was wrong their whole life? What if s
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Comfort - Septiplier
Jack sat shivering in Mark's arms. It hadn't meant to end like this, Mark comforting him. It was meant to be someone else, but that one other person that Jack had trusted with everything had betrayed him. So instead, Mark sufficed. Well, more than sufficed in Jack's opinion his sky blue eyes boring into Mark's. 
Cheating was a horrible thing, especially when you walk in on it. Jack simply hadn't been prepared, especially with a ring in his pocket that had cost quite a dear amount. Jack's reaction had been to weep and leave. Mark had become well acquainted with the man due to being best friends with Jack, so when he received an anxious phone call asking about his whereabouts he knew where to find him.
Mark caught on that Jack was staring at him. He also caught on that he had been dragging his fingers through Jack's hair. He pulled away to apologise, to stop and cover up his mistakes but Jack only moved his hand back and buried his head in his chest. Mark relaxed slightly, realising
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F***ing Perfect - Septiplier
As I wandered into our flat, I called out for him. Normally he would be there to greet me but I was early and he was probably busy. I just hoped that I hadn't interrupted him and collapsed on the sofa. I had been working at the Grump space all day so I was exhausted. All I needed was him but if he was busy, of course, I would wait. I was sure that he would have heard the door shut and my call and with no reply I just assumed he would be working. That was until I heard the bang.
Suspicious, I stood up from the sofa and softly made my way up the stairs. My heart began racing. What if he was hurt? What if someone had broken in and I just hadn't even realised? In an instant I burst through the door to see Jack burst towards the bathroom which was in the opposite direction as me and a lamp on the floor.
"Jack? What's wrong?"
I managed to stop him from fleeing the room. He just sort of halted, still facing away from me. What was he hiding?
"Hi Mark," he said, his voice cracking and h
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Flustered - Septiplier
"Jack? Jack. Jack!"
Felix crouched in front of his best friend to see him sitting and daydreaming on the couch. It had taken 5 minutes for him to get through to him, which he was finding hard to believe.
"Welcome to the real word, Jack. What were you dreaming about that I couldn't even talk to you for fuck's sake," Felix said, moving back towards the kitchen.
Whatever Jack was thinking about obviously made him embarrassed, since when this question was asked the boys cheeks turned bright pink and he stared down at the floor, twiddling his thumbs.
"Um, nothing?" he said, knowing straight away that Felix was not going to drop it at that.
"Nothing hey? Well, I don't think it was bearing in mind that you were pretty absorbed into nothing a few minutes ago," Felix snickered. "Come on bro, you can tell me!"
"Fine. It's not as if you have any other friends to tell anyway," Jack said smiling at the ground. "I was thinking about a guy I met,"
Now that was interesting, w
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Seduced - Septiplier
Everyone knew Sean McLoughlin was a badass. Everyone knew that if you got involved with him bad shit happened. 
So why the fuck, Mark thought to himself, did he get involved? He knew as soon as he couldn't stop staring at the guy he was screwed.
Now, Mark was at a party and was trying really hard not to fuck up. One embarrassing thing could ruin everything. The room was filled with blaring music that started off the night's rave. People surrounded him, drinks in hand and standing without a single care in the world. Mark knew he had to get out of there. He had officially arrived and mingled for 20 minutes and now it was time to go home. He had accepted Sean's invitation and used it, and now it was time to leave before he messed anything up. 
Pushing his way through the crowd, he found himself a few steps away from the door which currently had massive groups of people flooding in. All he had to do was stay hidden and then slip out silently. It was too ea
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Love in pajama pants, septiplier gif by LoverRevolveri
Mature content
Love in pajama pants, septiplier gif :iconloverrevolveri:LoverRevolveri 99 15
Rules Are Meant to be Broken (When I'm with you) 4
“...Jack…?” Someone called, although their voice was distant, like it was in another realm altogether. He shrugged it off, opting to stay in his floaty state. Where everything was okay, where everything was perfect.
“JACK! For fuck’s sake...” The same voice shouted, ripping him from his sweet dreamland as his covers were stripped from him and a cold draft hit him like a brick.
“Nooo...  m’tired…” He whined, vaguely aware of how scratchy his voice was. He groped around the bed, searching desperately for his lost warmth.
“Jack, we have to get to Umbridge’s office. She’s gonna flip if we don’t,” The voice was quiet, deep.
That woke him up.
“Aw crap!” he yelled, springing up in the bed in an instant.
Suddenly, the room seemed to flood with silence. Jack had sat bolt upright, not realising that Mark had been hovering just above him, probably about to drag him out of bed manually
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You know I rule the Earth, what are you yapping about?

You? Control the world? Maybe you should try a different route.

Giving hints of your existence like you’re Santa Claus,

Yet they joke and they provoke you and that’s all because:

You’re a loser, Anti, he can always shut you up,

Don’t you get it? In his show you’re just a lousy prop.

You say you’re always there, always controlling him,

But, Anti, let’s just face it, all you do is scream.

I took over, I stayed longer and the proof is here,

So why don’t you just glitch away and disappear?


You know, it’s funny, you wanting me to fucking disappear,

But I don’t remember seeing you in the past full year.

So sit yourself down, Dark, and let me show you how it’s done,

With some glitches, and eye itches and a whole lot of fun.

You think you’re scary with your deep voice and shit,

But you can only manipulate your way into a stupid skit.

You’re all bark and no bite, I make the others shake with fright.

I killed the owner of this body the first time I took over

With me around, you’ll wish for that one lucky clover.

I glitch my way into existence, I corrupt the files,

They’re guessing and messing, going a thousand miles.

They’re doing their best, trying to build my personality,

And I keep changing, piece by piece, I’m breaking their reality.

You’re old news, Dark, why don’t you get it, man?

I suggest you talk your way into the trash can.</span>


VHS Cunt!


Glitch Bitch!


You can’t win this, you better ditch!

This fight is really overdue

We both know it, they know it too.


You can’t do anything right, can’t even kill yourself,

You say I’m bark and no bite, at least I don’t look like an elf.

Take those earrings off, you’re not an angsty teen,

It’s time to finally wipe off that stupid grin.

Someone should teach you how things work around here,

And for a job like that, I gladly volunteer.

The element of surprise was gone from the beginning,

Sometimes you need some time off to get their heads spinning.

Look into my eyes when I tell you that

You’re acting like a bitchy little brat.

Come on, Anti, just stop with all this glitchy fuss

And let’s see what the future truly holds for us.


Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted me to look into your eyes?

With all that makeup on even I can’t see past your disguise.

Wearing suits and classy shoes, yet all you can do is lose.

We showed them who we are, and now it’s their time to choose.

I’m the main event, from down below,

Gave you a ticket, so enjoy the show.

They’re all in the back, I’m in the front row,

You see the truth, so hear my flow.

I’m the only one they want to know,

You’re pretty much a goner, so

You built the castle, now I have the keys

So bow your head and get down on your knees.

You think only glitching is my expertise,

Come on, Darkiplier, wake up, bitch please

Rap Battle: Anti Vs. Dark
An epic rap battle between Antisepticeye and Darkiplier!
The Battle For HIS Life
The battle for H̶̙̘̜̠͔͑̐̏͝͝I̵̢͓̘͋̐̎̃S̸̢̹̃̔̇̍̚ͅ life

The s̷̡͚̬̘͚̱͛̋͛͘͜t̸͔͋̒̾͘͠ŗ̷̡̰̹̘̒͂͗͝ͅŏ̶̧̧͈̙͍͚̘̞̈́͝n̷̢͖͚̱̹͔̦͐̄̈͗g̶̼̯̠̘̤̑̾͛e̶̩̟̠̯̊̀͑́̓͒̊̃s̸̹̭͖̩͎̮̤͐̍t̶̢̡̼̖̞̝̼̼̰̩̏͊̀͗́̈́͂̾ of the two wins

Ḛ̵̳̳̰̦̱̝̀́̿̅͐͋̉̐̏͒̂͠ṭ̸͑͝ę̴̠̤͔̞͖̖͒̈́͑̌̓̕͜ŗ̶̙̝̖͗̎͗̈̎̍̊̑̀̅͜ͅn̸̖̹̺̫͕̠̲̹̪̝͉̲͆͛a̴̘̿̔͂l̷̨̢̞̗͈̯͍̓ ̷̩͈̟̩͊̂̽̂̊̈̀̀͐C̸̡̢̩̲̗̰͔̹̳͗͜o̵̦̖̤͂̂̎̿̋̄̊̓̐̕͝͠n̷͎̘̝̫̲̲̗͚͓̒͑̐̆͂̐̀̋̅͌͘͝t̴̖̠͖̰̗̘͈̹̰̿r̴̠̤͚̤̖̱͎͉̩̲̺̦͋̍̅͂̆̐̋̈́̆̕o̸͙̬͝l̵͚͚̻͖̳͙̖̻̜͚͐
Hello world! I am 16 today! Bring it on!


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I love acting, singing, drawing and writing. My dream is to perform on Broadway. I love Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. And... that's about it.


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